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    • Don't take out the trash?
    • Rude in the clinic?
    • Do not repair the road?
    • There are abandoned cars in the yard?
    • The driver smokes in the bus?
    • The transport doesn't come on a schedule?
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    • There are unauthorized graffiti on buildings?
    • There are faulty lighting in the yard?
    • House territory is overgrown with grass?
    • In the area sell low-quality products?
    • Pits on the roadway?
    • Make photo and send
      via mobile application!
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    • Took the trash immediately after the treatment!
    • Now, in the stairwell light and is always on the light!
    • In the porch light now and keep the lights on!
    • The roads are in perfect condition in the area!
    • Established order on the territory on the same day!
    Solve problem
    • Suggest to cancel nesessary exchange
      of driver's license
      for the 45 e.o. and older
    • Enter at pedestrian crossings diagonal layout "zebra."
    • Cancel fee for parking at night.
    • Toughen the penalties for the release of debris on the streets!
    Append initiative
    • When will the road repair work in the city?
    • To tell if he saw that there is an infringement?
    • Will the renovated hospital in the area in the near future?
    • When the land will be issued to large families?
    • They will landscaped playgrounds in the local area?
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Open municipality - is a project, which directed to
create conditions that grow up activity efficiency
of municipal power over inseption of openness mechanisms.


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Щелковский район, Городское поселение Щёлково, г Щелково, ул. Циолковского, д. 1
В очередной раз прошу принять меры в отношении неправильной парковки (парковка на тротуаре и газоне)...
Щелковский район, Городское поселение Свердловский, рп Свердловский, Парк
Щелковский район, Городское поселение Щёлково, г Щелково, ул. Ватутина д. 8
Щелковский район, Городское поселение Щёлково, г Щелково, ул Комарова, 15
Щелковский район, Городское поселение Щёлково
Щелковский район, Городское поселение Щёлково, г Щелково, ул Московская, 100

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